Sunday, April 8, 2012

birthday hike


Another weekend, another birthday!  Solomon is now in the double digits.  The big 1-0.

It's actually left me a bit melancholic.  I look into his bright blue eyes and try to comprehend how 10 years has gone by that I gave birth to him. Time goes by so quickly.

I wish I could hold him as a baby again but that's okay because he's still a sweet love bug.  It's just that I can't scoop him up and hold him the way I used to.  It's different but just as good.

Happy Birthday Solomon!! ♥


  1. awww. happy birthday to you!

  2. oh my. max is fast approaching this birthday too! solo man is a love. holding up the rock! so cute. i don't know why but i like him in his jeans! looking so cute in these photos. i don't know how the time goes by like this. they will always be our babies. their cheeks are ours! happy birthday soloman!!!!!!! glad you got that beautiful hike on your day.

    1. He's such a sweet boy and he also has an evil streak in him sometimes too. Don't we all?? He got a whole bunch of hand-me-downs and at first he didn't want to wear them. He's pretty sensitive to fabric but he like them now. I'm not surprised that you noticed that he's holding up the rock. Sometimes with his learning disabilities, it feels like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. But, he's strong enough to hold it up. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I'll let him know.

      Lots of love, K

  3. ohhh, 10! My baby is turning 6 tomorrow.
    Give him a squeeze for me even if I don't know him!!
    Beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you Cory :) Happy Birthday to you and your sweet girl! xo