Thursday, September 6, 2012

another school year

Public school officially started here and I'm finding lately the urge to really get our rhythm going.  We'll be starting our co-op classes next week and Amelia will be going to weekly classes (two days a week) the following week. We've been getting our supplies in order and the house cleaned and organized.  It feels good to start the year with a a clean house.  I've been making lots of trips to the thrift store and I feel especially lighter now!

For the next few weeks, we'll be gradually incorporating something new into the mix.  We'll be trying ideas out, keeping what works and taking out what doesn't.  Tweaking and making things manageable. When the end of summer gets here, I've thrown all the rules out the window and I'm in desperate need for order.  Not that there's a lot of order in my house but I really feel more comfortable having a weekly rhythm.  It's cliche but true.  This week we've started a morning "circle time", a little reading and math.

Last night I woke up to the rain coming down.  It's one of those sounds that makes me happy, especially living in the desert.  And when I woke to the cool breeze coming through my window, it made we want to get out early and enjoy the weather.  Everything blends together when you're homeschooling but one day a week we'll get outside the house for some some learning.  Today was our science field trip day!  That's what I decided I guess.

Not that we stop learning in the summer but this school year has officially started!