Sunday, October 30, 2011

apple hunting

Hello....I haven't been around lately.  It felt good and necessary.  Sometimes you have to let something be for a while when other things take over....namely homeschooling.  It's taken over my life.  I need to find some balance and I was hoping to have a rhythm going by now but I don't.  Things may need to give.  Like last week when my husband had been away for two weeks for work and I needed him home so bad.  The kids needed him.  It's just no fun around here without him.  He came home a day early and saved us all.  Sweet guy.

We had our first hard frost last week.  All these lovely cosmos are now black and wilted.  I'm glad I took a picture of them in their glory.  It makes me smile to see them.  We're harvesting lots of lettuce from our garden as well as the kale, parsley, leeks and carrots.  I've been throwing bunches of each in a big pot and making broth.  I thought it would taste too green but it's been so good.  With a few pho noodles, greens and mushrooms, it's the perfect healthy meal for fall.

Okay, so when my husband got back, we headed to California for some apple picking.  I didn't think we would make it to Apple Hill this year but we did.  It was the perfect day.  I wore shorts because I try and hold out as long as I can.  I don't like to bundle up until it's totally necessary you know?

We threw the kids in the car and made it a few miles before I realized I forgot my camera and map.  Back home quickly and then back on the road for the 3 hour trip to Apple Hill. 

The kids really dig apple picking.  I mean you can't really go to Apple Hill and buy the apples in boxes can you?  Well, I guess you can and I won't judge you if that's your thing but my kids love the apple hunting.  This year I had it all planned out on the map and then when we got there we found out there was only one place that still had u-pick.  The kids listened intently on how to twist and not yank the apples from the trees and we got to work.  In all, we got 60 pounds of apples.  There were lots there to get thankfully.  Some years we literally have to hunt for them.

I also picked a couple fuyu persimmons for which I got scolded by the owners' nephew.  "Don't you see how it's marked off?"  Um, yes but persimmons are my fave.  Sorry man. Gotta watch that next time, I just couldn't help myself.

We gave the kids the canvas bags and they filled them to the brim with granny smith apples (and um two persimmons)  I wouldn't normally get these kind of apples because I'm not fond of the green tartness of them.  We didn't have a choice this time and I was quite surprised that they were so sweet.  So there you go!  I shouldn't judge an apple until I eat one straight from a tree.


Zephyr met his first cow.  The cows met Zephyr.  Not a big deal for either of them.   We always have to stop here and do the straw bale maze, eat lunch and go for a little walk before heading home.

And while I was away on a blog break, this girl turned 13.  Yep, I'm a parent of a teen.  Sweet girl makes it pretty easy on me.

Throwing peace and love out to you all!  I hope I can make it back here real soon!