Sunday, January 30, 2011

being vulnerable

When I started blogging 2 years ago, I felt more creative and free to put myself out there. Then it sank in. People were actually reading my blog.

I wondered why anyone would read what I was doing even though I began blogging because I was so inspired by the blogging world around me. I enjoy reading what everyone is doing - from the mundane to the most creative.

When I read the post Renee wrote this weekend, she linked to this TED talk. Everything became clear to me about why I've been struggling with blogging. I want very much to feel connected but I've also been feeling so vulnerable.

I've needed to find the courage to be imperfect.
I've needed to ride the wave of vulnerability.

I've done many things on purpose in order to grow as a person. We all have. Vulnerability is painful and takes courage but I think we all know it's the birthplace of joy, love, creativity and belonging. No pain, no gain...

I've also learned that I need others to show a bit of vulnerability
in order for me to feel connected to them.

So, I continue to blog,
to find the courage to put myself out there,
to grow as a person
and make those connections.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

bits and pieces

I found Eli's green dragon in the hall today, minus his eyes.
Our puppy had guilt written all over his furry face.

When I finally gathered up the courage to tell Eli about the accident,
he didn't cry or chase Zephyr around the house. He just said, "oh no" in his most concerned voice, then went back to playing. I couldn't help but laugh. Then I fixed his dragon up with button eyes.

Every day I've been taking pictures, writing a post in my mind.
Then it just doesn't happen.

We went to the hot springs last week. We came home, ate dinner and fell asleep.

We have one more thank you to write. Getting done with this very important task brings final closure to the holiday season. That and finally putting the Christmas boxes in the garage to sleep for another year.

We've been working on Valentines.

And that's just a few of the things that have been filling our days.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Welcome to my new home!

Over the next few weeks, when I have time, I'll be settling down in this new space.

I feel positively positive about making this change. A fresh start.

So, let's go walking.

I will be looking carefully in every nook and cranny for the beauty.

We'll be getting muddy because being outdoors is one of my most favorite things in the whole world. I'll be cooking, crafting and learning at home with my three beautiful kids.

I hope you'll join me!