Wednesday, April 18, 2012

spring light

I love that spring light coming through my window!

You know, with a gazillion things to do, all I really want to do lately is knit and read.  So, I thought I would join Ginny with her yarn along this week.

This sweater, I'm still plugging along with it.  I just started the decreases and it's really looking pretty I think.  I'm proud of myself!  The other knitting project I'm working on is a Milo vest for my boy.  Eli picked out the yarn.  We went to Jimmy Beans and he liked the blues in the Madelinetosh Sea Wash.  So beautiful.  I just have to get the right needles and I'm starting that one!

As far as reading, I've been making it a priority lately.  I've been reading so much. But, what we've been studying in history has inspired me to learn more about WWII and in particular Anne Frank's life in The Diary of a Young Girl.  It's so heartbreaking.  It's also made me grateful.  Not that I'm ungrateful but, it makes me keenly aware of how easy my life is!  I wouldn't want to live in Europe in the 40's.

Happy knitting and reading!

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