Wednesday, July 27, 2011

lazy summer days

It's funny but when the seasons change I still feel like I'm holding on to the previous one a little bit.  Like for instance, I thought summer would be a great time for math lessons and a routine that kind of looked like school for us.  But as we head on into August I really feel lazy.  Maybe it's just the heat or staying up late with the long days but I just feel lazy.  I think summer has finally arrived.  It just kind of happened without realizing it until now.

The kids got back from camp and I've been inspired by all the fun things they did there.  They really liked doing lanyards so, we got some supplies and spent a good portion of the day just getting comfy and weaving.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

just me and my little guy

This week, it's just me and my little guy.  My two oldest are at camp, those lucky devils.

Each morning when we wake up, the garden is watered, breakfast is eaten, some chores are done and then we decide what we're going to do that day...just the two of us.   He's loved every minute of being an only child for a week.

Last night the ice cream truck came down our street and we raced out front to get a snow cone.  This particular one with a gumball surprise in the bottom.

Oh yeah, this snow cone was very special.
He was smitten but I'm sure he'd share if you asked?!

"There's candy flavor, banana, grass,, it's blueberry flavor!"

Friday, July 15, 2011

gosh i love

Fridays.  I really love Fridays.  Even though I don't have a "regular" job, I look forward to spending a few days with my husband.

Gosh, I love sleeping children.

Cuz, I know that as soon as this little one wakes up, the chaos starts.  But, you know I love it anyway.

I love hiking with my kids, getting them tired out and watching them discover nature.  Today, as Eli was racing through the sagebrush he sang, "Nature is good, nature is good!"

Nature is good.  Yes, I do agree.  Puffy white summer clouds and their reflection in the water.  Large pelicans circling overhead.  Our dog in a frenzy, chasing frogs through the cattails.  A single deer creeping past us quietly and the long stare between us before it bounds away.

I also like the first harvests out of our garden.  A single tomato then bowls and bowls of sweet peas that are doing excellent this summer.

And for sure I love summer salads.  This one I found in order to burn up all the snap peas.  It's really good.

Happy Weekend to you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

summer is here!

As you may have noticed, I've been unplugged for a while.  And I still plan on keeping my computer time to a minimum because it feels very wonderful to be outside in my garden, taking the kids to the park or library or just plain keeping up with my work here at the house.  We've also had so many activities that just keep us really busy.  It's summer!

we are now jam

We've enjoyed a few thunderstorms in the past few weeks and that smell of the desert after a storm is unforgettable.  It makes the weeds grow VERY healthy as well as the things we actually want to grow.  Our late frost put us back a few weeks and I've been holding my breath for our garden to mature.  Slowly, slowly, it's looking good out there.

 Thank you, everyone for sending me notes about Jon's dad.  What a shocker that was.  It's been a tough month; murky and unsettling.  I know that it's part of life.   Sometimes I stop and think, wow, he's really gone.  It's surreal.

We went to the mountains last weekend to our favorite place.  The kids call it the Naked Guy hike because a while back we were sitting in the meadow at the end of our hike and an old guy in his 70's came strutting through the meadow completely naked!  So, I'm always on the lookout for naked guys when we go here.


Amelia wasn't too thrilled with this snake she saw on the trail and refused to move past it.  I walked near it to show her that it wasn't going to get her.  Although you may be able to see in this picture that his mouth is wide open hissing at us.  She eventually got past it and caught up with the boys.

The flowers up in the mountains are always one of my favorite things.   Just a sampling.

The boys love to wade in the creek.  This year the water is really fast and deep because of all the snow we had.

At first they strip down to their underwear and then it's all the way naked.  I guess I found my naked guy!

We had a really scary moment when Eli fell into the fast part of the stream and was being taken into the deep water.  Luckily his big brother was close to him and grabbed his hand.   Eli and I had a long discussion after this about how his big brother was his hero.  Solomon was very proud.  Lots of hugs to go around after he got out of the water. 

I hope to see you again soon.  Happy Summer to you!  ♥