Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yesterday I was taking the scraps out to the compost heap and the snow was crunching under my feet.  It reminded me that I needed to write down some things that have made me happy lately.  I came inside and wrote down a few things on sticky notes so I wouldn't forget. 
  • the sound of snow crunching under my feet.
  • fresh flowers in the bathroom.
  • good sleep.
  • a clean kitchen.
  • snow on the fence.
  • buds on the trees and the promise of spring.
  • seed catalogs.
  • using up the pesto in my freezer.
  • old subtitled godzilla movies.
  • the light coming back to us as spring approaches.
  • my dog.
What's making you happy lately?


  1. Hmm...fresh raspberries. Good morning and good day to you!

  2. those are great! it's so important to remember the "little things" because those are what makes up our days...

    1. Yeah, I try to really think about the good stuff. Because my life could be a million times more trying. I just have to be grateful. :)

  3. our duck taking a bath on this rare warmish day today made me happy. i'm gonna post a video it made me so happy. my good friend here who understands me and i can tell, she does not think i'm crazy. that makes me happy. our dinner tonight made me happy. easy mellow hyper love by candlelight. your dream of us going on a hike made me happy. the buds on the trees are DEFINITELY making me happy. although i know we've got weeks to go. my surviving bee hive is thoroughly joyifying me.. love you. thanks for the question!!!! you are goodness.

    1. I really appreciate your honestly Heather. I've always been thankful for that. I wish we could have a play date with the kids and drink tea (or wine) and listen to music. That would be a great day. Someday right?! ♥

  4. the wonderful snowy pictures of yours make me happy, especially the fence one.