Monday, February 27, 2012


I admit it.  That last post was a lame attempt at posting something while the in the midst of a super busy, tiring week.  It all started out last weekend when Jonathan took Solomon to San Francisco for a memorial in honor is his father who passed away last June.   Jonathan came home sick.  And you know how that goes, if someone brings home something good, everyone wants some.

I did pretty well this week holding it all together.

There was a business trip in the middle of the week and then another on Friday.  By the time Sunday rolled around,  I was exhausted doing the nighttime routine all alone for 4 nights.  Later on Sunday when Jonathan came home, I took Amelia to study with a friend and decided what I really needed was quiet time....alone thank you very much.  I went for a hike in the hills and was able to actually think.  You know, really think without trying to think and answer questions at the same time?  I walked deliberately up and down the trail taking in each breath with intention.  I smiled at each passerby and let the dogs smell my hand while keeping my steady pace. My face was red and my legs felt worked by the end. Sometimes the only way I'm really able to work things out is to walk up hills and get quiet in my head.  It's so helpful.

another hike this week on the Carson River
another hike earlier this week

Earlier that day I took Eli grocery shopping with me.  He talks a lot.  I listen and sometimes throw some conversation his way.  But, this time his conversation was just what I needed.

"I talk to God mom,"  Eli says.

"How do you do that?" I ask

"I listen,"  Eli informs me.

"Do you have to quiet your mind?,"  I ask

"Yes and I have to think.  God just said goodbye,"  Eli tells me.

"Wow, that's so cool Eli,"  I say

"Yeah, he's a good friend," Eli says with a smile.

It makes me smile widely too knowing he talks to God.  And I'm glad to be on the receiving end of these conversations, being able to ask the questions for once.

On my mommy alone hike,  I quieted my mind and really tried to listen.


  1. Sorry about that - maybe I was still contagious.

    - Uncle Ben

  2. Thanks for sharing LOL :) No really Ben, everyone is sick in Reno too. If we didn't get it from you, we'd get it from someone else! Who knows were we got it from. I hope you and Shiz are well! Love, Kyndale

  3. Sounds like a perfect little walk. I have to remember to do that sometimes- get out alone.

    For the vegan meals I've been using the Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook. I really like it, but the fam is not. We'll get there!

    1. I totally needed it. When Jonathan offered that I take the dog too, I told him no way! I needed to be completely alone. That looks like a great cookbook with good reviews. We're not exclusively vegetarian but we eat mostly veg. I put it on my wish list. Thank you! xo

  4. So beautiful. It *is* nice to have time alone with a kid. When my 2 are together they're like playful puppies, but alone they open up on a different level.

  5. mmmm. this quieted me down just though osmosis.

    i got a nice alone hike in saturday. it had been too long. however. i did not smile at anyone. i was so annoyed at all the people who insist on saying hi as you pass each other. ha! no i did say hi and i guess i might have smiled. but it was not easy. i wanted to be ALONE. sometimes i wear glasses and the ipod to ward off friendly people. ha! love you. and i love eli. little cutie.

    1. That kinda makes me laugh and kinda makes me sad. I need to be alone more often but I take what I can get. Sometimes I have to fight for the time. Someday, we'll go for a long hike with the kids. It'll be fun! :) Okay, Heather????

    2. yes. yes. yes. and i know. it is funny. and i can see how it could be sad. but it's not sad. not at all. it's good me time with no overly happy people forcing their stupid hi's in my face. love.

    3. I love listening to what you have to say and I don't think it's sad. I was thinking about how I was saying "hi" to everyone with that smile on my face. I thought that day, "I hope these people don't think I'm fake" because really it felt a little fake. :) I was kind of trying to read people and if they had a dog and they were friendly, I was friendly. But, sometimes I feel like some people just want to be left alone and I'm totally down with that. ♥

  6. what a lovely conversation. I love that your son is tuned in enough to have this 'conversation' and to share with you and to know about quieting his mind....wonderful! I, too, have been working on quieting my mind, I think it gets harder with age ;)

  7. How smart is he? God or no God, at 5 he knows that to talk to someone he has to listen. I could learn a lot from Eli!