Saturday, April 2, 2011

My sweet and spicy April Fools baby turned 5 on Friday. I know we all gasp when our babies have birthdays. "I can't believe he's one!, I can't believe he's 10!, I can't believe he's 30!" Well, I can't believe my baby turned 5. I just really can't believe it. He's such a blessing and just the right amount of sweet and spicy.

Eli likes using my phone to take pictures. So, this post is dedicated to his birthday and his perspective on life.

Here are a few things you may not know about Eli...

1. When he grows up he wants to have a monster truck with flames painted on the side.

2. Eli melts my heart when he tells me often, "I love you sweetheart!" I don't know where he got that!

3. When he wants to get our attention, he's screams "Hey people!" Everything he says is in the scream voice. This dear child has only one volume.

4. He loves a good cup of tea but he prefers chai with honey and milk.

5. He was born on April Fool's Day into a big tub of water in my living room. My first home birth.

6. He loves to draw. He'll draw all day long.
7. He always wants us to walk down the hall with him to use the restroom. I think he just wants someone's undivided attention.

8. After reading the "Little House" books, he insists he has golden hair.
9. He goes through about a box of bandaides a week.

10. He adores animals and will lovingly torture them to no end.

Happy Birthday Eli♥


  1. Kyndale...Happy happy day to your sweet little boy and to you too, of course! Five was such a big one for me, as well, though my five year old boy is my first, not my baby. But five!!! Honestly, where does it all go? Our five year old boys (my big boy is a November baby, so 5 months older than Eli) have sooooo much in common...from exuberance to bandaids to exuberance ~ wait, I said that! Happy weekending to you and your family, Kyndale.
    xo Jules

  2. he does have golden hair! happy birthday to you, mama, and your FIVE year old!

  3. I can't believe your baby is 5 either. I'm pretty sure I've been reading your blog since he was three, which just seemed like 2 weeks ago!

  4. So many things made me smile. What a sweet. Happy b-day, Eli! Hoping five is fantastic!

  5. HA! So we are not the only ones who go through band-aids that fast. Thank Goodness.
    Beautiful post! I loved reading it! Your little guy sounds like a wonderful whirl of energy. My oldest turns 5 in just a few weeks...

  6. I am laughing about your birthday boy!! I love everything about him.

    ps- I know a little 6 1/2 year old girl who would totally get along with him (loud voice and a box of bandaids included) although they might get in a lot of trouble together!


  7. So...what is it with kids and bandaids? I love this post!! What a sweet fun kiddo you have. I am sure that if only we lived closer my Nahum and your Eli would have a fine time together:)

  8. Happy happy belated birthday, Eli! All our email exchanges this weekend and you never mentioned! And here I come, late to the game, because my head was stuck in my own stuff all weekend. I can't believe your baby is 5, either. Crazy to feel connected online long enough to watch other people's kids grow and change, eh? Love this post, full of Eli!

  9. Kyndale,
    I *always* think that about my kids' birthdays, that someday I'll be saying "I can't believe she's 45!"

    happy birthday Eli!

  10. i am so in love with this post and i your love for that kid. it is awesome.

    he takes good photos. your back yard is a work of art. i'm going to get some glasses with clear lenses, for when i need the barrier, but just a little bit. had that idea today.

  11. happy happy birthday to your newly 5 year old and happy birth day to you mama!

    I loved the list...there's a few of those applicable to my 5 year old too.