Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're still in love

We're so in love with our little furry boy Zephyr. It's his 1st birthday today.

When we met you, we knew you were the one. Our hearts melted and we became a family with dog. At first, you were so shy but now you're quite comfortable with us.

You take your job as protector very seriously and ever night you wake up and come sniff us to make sure we're still there.

You love finding a sliver of light on the floor and stretching out to take advantage of the warmth. You love eating chicken shit.

And we're so in love with you. I don't think you doubt that for one minute.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday Zephyr.HE is such a sweet looking fellow:)

  2. tee hee.
    chicken poo is a delish, duh.
    you know I have a little soft spot for this boy, love me some schnuazer.

  3. bwah ha! my dogs love it too. and baby poop. ; )

  4. Okay, that chicken shit line came out of the blue, took a bite out the sweetness of the post, making it perfectly hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Oh Kyndale, I've been waiting to meet Zephyr since you told me about him a few months ago when Cocoa Marshmallow Puff Puff arrived! Love his cuteness!!! Make sure you kiss him on top of the head for me:)
    xo Jules

  6. happy birthday, beautiful little one:)

  7. what is up with time going by this fast