Thursday, April 7, 2011

My sweet boy turns 9!

Solomon was born 4 years and 7 days before Eli. It's been difficult to really make each one feel special when their birthdays are so close together but I've been giving it the old college try. I guess that's why I haven't been posting the last week. Between soccer almost every day, cupcakes to bake and all the rest of life to manage, I've been busy.

So, I was thinking how I could do a post about Solomon, who by the way is so opposite from Eli that I wonder sometimes if they're really brothers. I decided to look through my photo albums and find some pictures of him when he was a baby. Can I tell you that looking at them again was so emotional for me?! It reminded me of how special and fragile these early years are for them. I was reminded of how much he's grown and how much I love this boy. I was also reminded that I need to take more pictures of myself with my kids. I need to hand over the camera to Jonathan more often!

Here's a stroll down memory lane with Solomon, just a few random shots that caught my eye....

I remember how hard it was to add another child to the family. How could I balance the love and attention? Some days I remember barely making it through. I remember taking a walk with Amelia before Solomon was born. I held her hand very tight. I couldn't imagine loving any child more than her. When I had Solomon as you know, you have enough love for two children, it's just learning how to balance that's hard. It wasn't until Solomon was about two that I was able to get better at balancing.

Amelia was and still is the most loving and patient of older sisters. She loves her brothers so much.

Here, Solomon met his first cow. I remember how scared he was.

Solomon became a big brother a week before he turned 4. He takes his job very seriously.

We rented a Jaime Oliver video from the library when he was four. He decided then and there that he was going to be a chef. Here, he's made for me a piece of cheese with lettuce and ant garnish. Yum. He was very proud. I think there's something to this chef thing. He's my biggest critic and encourager when I cook for him. He's always describing the subtle flavors in my food. If I cook something that isn't that good, he'll let me know! He makes me want to be a better home chef.

Solomon is very silly sometimes and loves to laugh. He's very sensitive and sweet and gets embarrassed very easily.

Solomon LOVES his garden. Solomon is very intuitive and can pick up very subtle things in human interactions. When we're alone together he likes to talk to me about his deep feelings. He loves to draw pictures of machines and inventions he'd like to make. He melts my heart. Happy Birthday Solomon!!


  1. This was beautiful to read. I love the way you know each of your children and the way you are so devoted to them.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Solomon! You seem like a great guy. I can tell you mother loves you very much!

  3. Happy Birthday to one cool kid!

  4. happy birthday!!

    we will be trying to figure out how to balance birthdays 2 days apart this september. I am not sure how I'm going to do it, but... let's just say there will be a LOT of cake eating during that first week of september :)

  5. Happy Birthday Little Cutie Pie!!!!!!

  6. happy birthday Solomon!

    this is a nice post, there are so many memories when we look back through the photos.

  7. Happy day to Solomon and to you, mama. I know just what you mean about making it a special day in itself as my daughter is 2 years and 3 days older than my littlest son. I have worried about how to make each feel special and so I understand what you say. It looks like he is a well-loved little fella...and so darn cute!
    xo Jules

  8. oh, happy birthday! thank you for the sweet stroll down memory lane. it's so great to hear, er, read. and i love the photos!!!

  9. I love the ant garnish! Happy Birthday!! Kyndale, you and I have the same taste in I was reading this, I was thinking...'if I ever have a son, I LOVE the name Solomon!'

  10. A very happy birthday to your Solomon! Aren't kids grand!

  11. i want to hand the camera over to david so much more.....

    i feel like you might be the best mom ever. soloman is just about two months older than max. 9 sounds so old. geez. happy birthday you two cutie chefs.