Sunday, March 27, 2011

weekend planning

I'm sitting here with the south facing shades completely open, the sun is pouring in the family room and it's somewhat pleasant (yet windy) outside.

The fence has been mended and Jonathan is outside right now working on a movable cage to grow greens under for the chicken yard. Those chickens wake me up every morning wanting attention. For a simple bird, they sure know how to get their way. Hopefully this cage will allow us to grow greens for them all summer.

I crawl out of bed every morning at 6:38 am (earlier and earlier every day by a few minutes) to give them scratch and the compost scraps. If they like what I bring them, they'll let my kids and I to sleep in a bit longer! Chickens can be extremely loud in the morning and have been known to crow without the presence of a rooster.

What they really want are some greens....but I guess a bucket of worms would work too.

Jonathan lifted the boards on the compost bin so that they can scratch at the good stuff before we sift out our finished soil.

The scene on Saturday morning looked something like this.

Each of my three kids quickly came over to the table in order to get dibs on their seed packets. They're very into gardening. Solomon wants more room every spring to grow his sunflowers, gourds and watermelon. Amelia begs Jonathan every weekend to take a walk down the street with his wheelbarrow to pick up loads of manure for her garden. Eli just wants to grow flowers on his plot of land at this point. I wonder if I'm going to have any garden space left by the time they're teenagers! I have to hold tight to my space out there.

We've just gotten seeds from various stores. There's no special place we got our seeds from this year. We always end up with far too many seeds though. Sometimes I want to be more organized but it's so much fun for the kids to pick out seeds from the display.

What I've been thinking about for a while is changing the way I garden. I got a few books from the library about permaculture and I'm diving into them tonight.


  1. you look busy! and I thought I wanted chickens but they sound kind of demanding!

  2. Kyndale...It sounds so alive and spring-like where you are! My children are also very into gardening but I've given them their own bed which is a substantial size (especially when you're just 2 and 5). I have wanted to try making the seed trays from newsprint like you are doing...looks like fun, something my 5 year old would appreciate! And chickens...the plans for the coop are in the works but we're placing the coop on the other side of the creek. I had thought it might be too far away, but from the sounds of it, maybe not! :)
    xo Jules

  3. How lovely it is that you are all vying for your own space in the garden. A wonderful problem to be having I think! I'm catching up today. So fun to see all that you have been up to this spring. It looks and sounds like the season is off to a wonderful start! Sending a hug!

  4. Hi Kyndale! Love all this garden inspiration...and refreshing look of your new blog!

  5. Looks like it is going to be a great garden this year! I had considered chickens, but now I am taking pause to reevaluate, as the littlest one wakes me up enough throughout the night as is :)

  6. beautiful post! I love everything about it!

  7. I love the peek into your garden. We started working on ours this week, too. And YES I totally hear you on needy chickens!!! Persistent girls!

  8. Maybe my chickens deserve a special post just about them. Yes, raising chickens isn't all butterflies and rainbows but I love taking care of them and it's worth it! Really, really! And I hope I'm giving them a happy life.

  9. Such a wonderful family of gardeners you have!