Thursday, March 10, 2011


Spring is showing herself more and more lately ~ the robins are everywhere doing their spring dance, we've been waking up to the sweet smell of rain more often, the kids and I have been spending the afternoons cleaning up our garden and hanging out with the chickens. But really, I'd say the one thing that really says spring for me is finally ditching my winter shoes and spending all day long either barefoot or in flip flops.

The best part of spring is it's mild weather here in the high desert. In the summer I wouldn't think about heading out in the afternoon for the dog park. That's why we have to take advantage of the spring weather.

And if you're at the dog park, you might as well collect some rocks. That is if you're OBSESSED with rocks. You might even ask your mom if you can jam a few in her back pocket.

Spring also brings new and exciting growth for kids. I've been told that trees grow the most in spring as well as kids. One sign of reading readiness is skipping (or being able to cross the mid-line. This is a great article of reading readiness). I asked Solomon if he could skip while we were out and he just started skipping! He just started skipping and skipping. Then Amelia joined in. It was a big skip fest. I told Solomon I was calling him Skippy from now on. He thought that was hilarious.

I guess we have finally made the transition to spring. Transition can be hard for me sometimes but I just have to remember to live in the here and now. I have to be grateful for every blessing in my life. Like for instance, watching my kids enjoy the outdoors, loving life like only kids can.

I can't believe it's Friday already. Have a great weekend! And remember if you're out collecting rocks, wear a belt!


  1. Lol! I have a very vivid memory of skipping in a circle in kindergarten. We're hoping to get outside this weekend to. We need some fresh air!
    Take care.

  2. hey your in my hood!!!
    I need to get up there, look at how green the park is already.

    hope you are well today~

  3. Love the photo story. Hurray for skipping and for stones! May I suggest your next outing be down to the river where you can skip stones, again?

  4. HA HA! Love it! Too cute. Love the pants falling down and the belt comment, laughed out loud!

  5. I love the skip fest! And we dig rocks here, too. Lala knows to choose small enough ones that we can take them home. LOL.
    You are wearing flip flops? Not yet here!

  6. i loved that article. it makes me so glad i waited and waited to start max reading, and i am gently pushing him now, i know i am, but he's almost 9 and in school, almost a third grader. it's so different than homeschooling you know? i'm justifying my decision to push him a little, before he could skip! but you know, i'm not sure if he is physically capable of skipping. but i want to see how it is for him now to try.....but anyways, being in third grade, at the reading level of a kindergardener was just not gonna fly for his self-esteem. nope.

    i love your hearts. i can't do it! you're not making them from a laptop are you? i love your comments on my blog too. always. i never question if you are visiting me. i know you do when you want. and i know i am so random, it's hard to respond!

    we are so far away from flip flops. except i saw we may hit 70 next week for a few days. love u.

  7. That is so very interestign about the skipping thing. My oldest kinda hopped for a bit and couldn't really skip for awhile..and sure enough, it took her longer to read. I am going to have to go check out that link to learn more. And yes, rocks shoved in Mama's pockets...silly.