Saturday, March 5, 2011

it's a morning thing

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that cooking and eating our meals together is part of their education. Sometimes we'll sit down to a bowl of cereal but most days we eat warm breakfasts that the kids can help make.

One of their favorites ~ pancakes with banana or apple. Lately we've been adding vanilla and cinnamon. They also like dutch babies, egg in a hole or omelets. Of course, I hear a lot of requests for oatmeal. By the end of the day, there's lots of dishes to clean!

Eli told me to stay out of the kitchen while he made his pancakes. I stayed close enough for me to feel comfortable with him around a hot pan but far enough away for him to feel he was doing this all on his own.

Not bad for a kid. His favorite part was eating the "baby" pancakes made by the little dribbles of batter.

I have to remember this isn't about me and my concerns over a hot pan or the very odd shaped pancakes that result in a four year old making them. It's about the experience of a young boy and wanting to instill in him a love for cooking and the confidence he gains in knowing that I believe in his ability.


  1. Lovely! I wish I was more patient in the kitchen. I lost my love of cooking when food allergies came along. I need to have the kids help me on a daily basis - not just when we make the easy stuff. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Grace~what kind of food allergies do you have? It's hard sometimes with them in the kitchen. It can test my patience for sure! I wish you could find your love of cooking again. It makes me sad to hear that! Hugs, Kyndale

  3. I wish I were braver about letting my big girl near the stove. I am not. What a little chef he is! And i LOVE your header photo!

  4. yay. we believe in their abilities. that is what h=jane goodall says her mother did for her, first and foremost, that influenced her most and helped her become who she is.

  5. That is impressive. Love the little, funny-shaped pancakes.
    How do you season your cast iron so gorgeously?

  6. Hey Nicola, Me too! It's hard but I'm right there and we talk about safety a lot. My goal is to have them cooking my meals by the time they're in high school :)

    Heather, Really, what a great bit of information. That's so cool. We totally have to believe in our kids! They so want our approval!

    Rachel, A little cringing here and there. He seriously told me to leave the kitchen. I'm like, no sir, buddy! It all turned out alright. I've been working on my cast iron for a few years. I don't use soap of course. I just scrub everything off with a scrubby and hot water and then I heat the pan on the stove to dry. Sometimes, I'll add a few drops of oil to the pan when it's dry. How do you take care of your cast iron?

  7. Kyndale...A huge part of our day is also spent together in the kitchen. My 5 year old is so helpful, cutting and chopping, and then entertaining us. My 2 year old is all about doing it I let them use dull knives. Now that she has diabetes, we spend even more of our time in the kitchen, measuring and weighind EVERY little morsel that passes her lips. I really have to trust their abilities, and honour their intentions. Not so easy some days:) Beautiful crocuses...ours are still asleep under a lot of snow!
    xo Jules

  8. you are such a good mama!
    I don't get to be home with the kids all week but on the weekends I love having O in the kitchen with me. I have been letting him 'make' what ever I am making in his own bowl. Letting go of him 'using' up my precious sugar/flour/salt has been a little hard for me, but I keep telling myself that I need to let it go and let him experiment and learn. It feels so good when I do!

  9. another Eli! is it short for Elijah? my own Elijah will soon be 17.
    I " unschooled" for 11 years and really miss having everyone around whilst I do things. We learn best by watching and experimentation-I am so glad I trusted my instincts way back