Sunday, February 6, 2011

love, february 6

I've been under the weather.

Yesterday Jonathan offered to take the boys for a walk down by the Truckee River. So, Amelia and I stayed home together. While she was doing her thing, I got comfortable on the couch with my knitting and some hot tea to melt the gunk in my throat.
The dishes would have to wait.

I'm making the hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's been on the needles for 6 months but lately I've been working on it a lot. Maybe because it just drives me crazy to see unfinished projects lying around but I also hope to maybe wear it before summer. And I can actually see the finished sweater in my mind. Before I was just so intimidated by it but I read the pattern over and over until it really sunk in. I think I may officially be a knitter now! I've only been knitting for 13 years!

While clicking and sipping, I listened to Carrie Elkin's Call It My Garden CD. Here's another link for Carrie and a video at the end. I had heard in on NPR's Risky Biscuit, Hayseed Hoot earlier in the day and decided I had to buy it. Does anyone know about her? I love her voice and it was just the kind of music to play while knitting and watching the clouds come in.

The boys (human and canine) finally came home all excited from their trip, chattering about the rocks they found and what they learned about the sewage treatment plant. All exciting boy things.

The calm was gone but I was really glad to see them. I love lazy Saturdays!


  1. To wear your sweater before winter rolls away ... that's a good goal. I'm lovin' that purple.

  2. lazy weekend days are one of the best things i know of. i can't wait to see your sweater. good husbands are another of the best things i know of. i haven't heard of c elkin. i am into it!! thanks. love. olive and i are listening to alegria from cirque. we saw them a few weeks ago. it makes me cry to hear this music again. the main song anyways. life can be so beautiful and epic.

  3. I just bought Carrie, too! Kerry had given me an album this summer! Hope you're feeling better.

  4. Your sweater looks amazing! I have that one in my mind to make sometime too. Looking forward to seeing yours when you finish!
    Carrie Elkin! I saw her live this summer at an outdoor festival and fell in love with her voice and songs. I fell in love even more when we got to meet her after the show and she knelt down and talked to Henry for the longest time and let him give her a hug. He had wanted to meet the performers. She was so patient and kind with him.
    I don't have the new album yet. Glad to see that both you and Sarah Jane like it! ;)
    I hope you are feeling better my friend!

  5. Kerry....are you kidding?!! We just love the same music. What can I say?! I love her lyrics and she sounds like a really interesting person. I can't believe you met her and she was so nice to Henry. I'm totally watching to see if she comes to Reno...along with Gorka. I'm feeling much better today. thank you for asking.

    Heather, I'll check out Alegria! You are so good with going to concerts. I gotta get out more often!

    Sarah! Yay for good music!! I haven't gotten much music lately. Just the Carrie Elkin and the Decemberists. They're good too.

    Hey Rachael, I'm starting to really love the purple too. How's your sweater coming along??

  6. Ohhh, that sweater looks fine! I look forward to seeing it finished.
    xo Jules

  7. That sweater has been on my list to make since the minute I saw it in the book. Maybe I will give it a try once I finally get tea leaves off the needles!
    What yarn are you using on it, the one it calls for or something else?