Monday, February 7, 2011

love, february 7

I love puzzles. Actually, I love that my husband loves puzzles
and gets the kids interested in them.

Jonathan's parents sent this one to us. They got it at the Truro dump. It's quite the ingenious idea. In Truro, you don't get your trash picked up. Instead you take your trash to the dump. There, they have a little building called the "swap shop". It's all really neat and organized (at least the last time I was there). You can take what you like or leave something that someone else can use. We've gotten lots of stuff from the dump!


  1. Ha! When I first started reading I was thinking, "Wouldn't there be junk all over it!" My MIL is a big puzzle fan and we do them up at the cabin if we can keep the babies away! Looks great!

  2. Henry is just starting to love real puzzles. It's fun to work on them with him. I love the idea of that swap shop!

  3. We used to do a family puzzle every year at Christmas time. And I just LOVE the idea of a swap shop. I'd be there every week for sure! They have that on Nantucket Island as well. friend of mine was just telling me about it. Great idea!!

  4. i am so into that dump thing. i've never been to a dump at all. some weekend i really plan to go there as a family. just to get the vibe for it and see what it's like. sounds scary. but if there was a little trade shop there, how much nicer would that be? and i love people who love puzzles too. so much.

  5. Puzzles really are great, you have inspired me to find one it has been too long! Kyndale, your banner photo is so dreamy! It is absolutely incredible that there is such natural beauty in this world! I remember living in the mountains and thinking my goodness this seriously looks unreal like a painting, something you would never ever tire of looking at. It looks like you could just keep walking and walking... again, at our last home (and currently too) we go to the dump - at the last dump they had a swap shop and it was a cool place to bring the trash, people to chat with recycling to do... it is fun to hear Truro has one too! Who would have thought I would have so much to say about the dump? : )

  6. I love doing puzzles with my kids. It's such a nice, simple way to spend time together.
    Love the idea of a swap at the dump, except I'm really trying to get rid of stuff...

  7. How sweet! we have a recycling center like that. Here, they used to do one day a year for a bulky pick-up. The night before, we would cruise around and take what we wanted that others were throwing away. Curbside shopping. Now you have to schedule your own, so no 'one night of shopping' like that. We got some great stuff that way, though!

  8. just trying to get back into my old habits of visiting friends far away...

    i love swap shops we have them all over here at the dumps and recycling centers. we have gotten some cool kids books and jars! hope all is well in your world:) xoxo, pennie

  9. Um, "the dump" sounds like a place we all NEED!! Awesome. I am always glad that other people enjoy pozzles too, although I have found myself as of late to get perplexed by even the simplest ones. Hope you are feeling better.


  10. Lisa~ thanks, i'm finally feeling better. I would love to have a place like this where I live but I think it's an east coast thing!

    Pennie~ glad you're back! The swap shops must be an east coast thing. I wish we had them here in Nevada!

    Nicola~ I remember the bulk pick up nights in San Francisco. That was really helpful actually. And I do remember the people going through the neighborhood taking the stuff. Really, if someone wants to take it and make money, then more power to them!

    Nicole, I love the view from this one spot. It is pretty dreamy. I know it's hard to really describe it but the mountains are HUGE. A picture just can't capture it!

    Rachel, I really do love puzzles. We have a lot of little ones too!

    Heather~ I've been to the dumps around here and they're nothing like the dumps on the Cape. No comparison.

    Annie~the Christmas puzzle is a tradition in Jonathan's family. A good way to pass the day. We're not into football or anything. Is there football on Christmas? I have no idea!

    Kerry and Sarah~ Hope you both are well, I'm trying to get back into the routine after being sick! I'm starting to feel better :)