Sunday, November 11, 2012

working with dad

My kids and my husband have had a little project they've been working on.  I let them do it on their own while I took care of the little one because it involved carrying heavy cables and equipment and frankly, I've been tired on the weekends.  It's a nice break being home, catching up on things even if it involves a 6 year old.  But, every time they came home I would hear some great stories about encounters with wild horses or hobos and the pride in their voice that comes with working on a project with dad.

Whenever my husband does research, it will most likely involve working outside.  This particular day was the fourth reading he took on the Truckee River and the kids were worn out.  I volunteered to carry some equipment because I wanted to see the wild horses and I think he really wanted to be done with it!

We got to this railroad bridge and waited for a time when we knew the trains weren't coming through.  I admit it's pretty sketchy but we wouldn't totally be smooshed by a train.  It would just be extremely uncomfortable.  I error on the side of safety more often than not, I promise.  We waited and waited for a train to come because we knew that it would be at least 45 minutes before another train came.  We were either going to go home if a train didn't come or get over the bridge.

We all made it over safely and got to work before our light went away.

Amelia knew how to set up the geo phones that detect seismic waves.  She worked on one side while my husband set up the other side.  We were working fast, getting the equipment placed so that we could get the 10 minutes of data that he needed.  Meanwhile two trains came by.  There were two hobos sitting between the cars.  It was going to be a cold night on the train.

Solomon is letting out the cable for dad.  It was a really fun trip and of course educational.  It's just a beautiful spot.  We finished up just in time.  The sun had completely gone down by the time we got to the car!  Mission accomplished.


  1. What an amazing day!!!
    Your kids are so lucky to have the chance to share these precious moments with their Dad! Thank you for sharing this quite amazing adventure!
    Have a great week,

    1. I think it's so great that he does stuff like this with them. I remember going to work with my dad and it was some of the best parts of my childhood. xo

  2. how cool for them (and you) to be helping your husband out with his work.
    learn by doing!