Tuesday, November 13, 2012

before 8 and a surprise

All this before 8 am this morning.

Amelia holding her chin up as she listens to dad tell her all the corrections he would make to her essay that was due today (She takes a couple classes with a bunch of homeschooling teens twice a week).  I told her that if she's going to ask him what he thinks about her paper, she's going to see red.  After all, he writes technical papers for a living and he enjoys it very much.  Marking up drafts that is.  She looks pretty bored her but I assure you, we were cracking up at the whole thing.

And a spirited game of soccer in the kitchen.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who lets their kids play soccer in the house!?

And guess who left us a surprise today?

Yep.  Our girls started laying.  I wasn't expecting this because we got them so late in the spring.  I was so excited.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. Replies
    1. It was all pretty funny. A good morning! :)

  2. My dad used to do that to my papers. It made me so upset sometimes but it did make me a better writer.

    Soccer in the house sounds like a good idea on these cold days.

    And how do you like having chickens? I've been dreaming about having a couple and when we move I might look into it for the spring.

  3. Eggs!! my favorite surprise in the world (almost). that really is super exciting!!! i wouldn't dare to have soccer in my house yet...we already had a broken window this year due to an excited baby and a pot lid! have a great day!!