Saturday, October 13, 2012

the hunters

When I started raising chickens a few years back, I had no idea how much I would get attached to them.  I'm pretty hooked on chickens.

They never stop amusing us.  Like last weekend we were at the kitchen table processing a gazillion apples and I noticed one of the chickens running around with something in its mouth.

Well, evidently, one of them had caught and killed a mouse and was playing keep away with the other girls.  Then they just stopped and stared at the mouse in the grass for a while....

until one of them decided to take off with the mouse in her mouth.  These girls crack me up.

note:  I'm sorry to all who may have been offended by this post (I changed the title too).  I guess I wanted to show you a little of what it's like to raise chickens and possibly my point should have been that chickens are definitely not just herbivores.  I had never actually seen my chickens catch mice although I've heard that chickens did.  I'm just always surprised by them and they really are very amusing.  Sorry also to the mouse.  Sorry little guy.

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