Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My daughter turned 14 today.

I crawled in bed with her this morning while she slept and tried to imagine her as a baby.  I stared at her almost adult face and sent my love to her.  When she was first born,  I would crawl in bed with her and stare at her for hours (when she was my only child and I had that luxury!), even though I should have slept myself.  But, I couldn't stop staring at my first child.  My heart had burst open with love.

I still feel that intense love for her even though she's a teen and I can tell she's pulling away from me a bit. Her and I are connected so strongly and  I am GRATEFUL

So grateful.

Happy Birthday Amelia!


  1. That is so sweet. My daughter, Katia, will turn 13 in January (I'm hoping our book club works out and she and Amelia have a chance to "meet"):) My oldest is 16 in a man's body. So strange to consider that I used to nurse and cuddle these long-legged people. I am glad that I also have another smaller person in the house to feed me with hugs and love notes as my older kids grow up and need me in different ways.

    1. Hi Krista! I'm so looking forward to the book club. We don't have Skype yet but we're working on it. It will be so much fun to "meet" your daughter in January!

  2. cry....so beautiful she is.

    so beautiful you are, your thoughts, and your love.