Sunday, June 10, 2012

foam fest!

The Foam Fest pictures in totally random order.  Jonathan and Solomon flew in at 10pm Friday night from Cape Cod, then Saturday morning we all got up and headed out into the freezing cold for the race!

It was cold (yeah I said that) wet, muddy and foamy to be sure but it was also loads of fun and great music!

The boys ran the 1 mile rugrats race while Amelia (and a friend), Jonathan and I ran the 5K race through Rancho San Rafael.  Complete with electrified crawl, 2 ten foot climbing walls, a 20 foot slip and slide with foam and other random fun obstacles.

I should have trained for this but I don't think many people did!  It was just fun!

(pictures taken by all of us with my cell phone!)


  1. Looks like a hoot!

    I bet you're glad your family's complete, again.

  2. Wasn't it fun?! I am trying to talk people into doing it next year as a team from my office (a bunch of them run and do things like the RTO and the Tuff Mudder, so it wouldn't be stretch).

    Next year, the sun better be hot, it took me all weekend to warm back up!