Friday, May 25, 2012

new friends

Oh goodness, as my kids would say.  We picked up our chicks this morning and the fun has begun!  Staring for hours at our 4 new babies just a day old, still with their egg teeth.  So sweet and fluffy.  Sleeping and chirping.

About a year ago, we were having trouble with the neighbors and decided to give our chickens a new home while we let everything settle a bit.  My son cried when we dropped off our chickens with the family that wanted them so badly.  I promised that we would get chickens again.  This time, we picked Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, known for being quiet and friendly.

When we got them home and settled into the bathtub with their heating lamp, they just flopped down and slept. Which is what chicks do often.  When we got our first chicks a few years ago, that startled me.  They would be running around and just stop and fall asleep.

These 4 are sisters now, cross my fingers they're all hens!


  1. i think you will LOVE your BLRW's! We love our three (two hens + roo). They are quiet-ish and docile, eat a little too much and the roo is such a gent. calm, cares for his hens and gives us zero trouble. now that we have added to the older flock of hens, he hasn't bothered the younger set at all. I remember those sweet colrations from when ours were day-olds, over three years ago now.

    1. Oh good, that's what we were hoping!! We've had others that were super talkative and I wanted a breed that was quiet so our neighbors can't complain. Goodness, my dog makes more noise than my chickens ever have! We had to put down one of the babies sadly yesterday. She was blind! Have you ever heard of that? She just wasn't thriving. We got a replacement but it was a California White. She's sweet too.

    2. blind, no i haven't but it was likely hard to end her life, yet and a good thing to spare her the starvation that was likely occurring. poor thing. hope they are all fine now!

  2. yay for new chicks! i love picking up tidbits of info about all you backyard chicken raisers... i've been contemplating getting a few hens but we are in close quarters with neighbors. if i do i will definitely be keeping this post in mind and looking for a breed that is on the quiet side!

  3. this is exciting. except for putting one down. that is sad and hard. i'm looking forward to watching your chicks grow. i'm curious about their coloring! and gosh, you've got me wondering if the roosters are quiet enough to have in our hood. but i'm chicken to try again i think. and to get max's hopes up for having a rooster again, too. anyhow, i'm so happy for you guys to get new babies!! you put them in your bathtub? that's funny.

  4. Oh my goodness, what an exciting adventure. Can't wait to see how they grow, and how you enjoy caring for them.