Saturday, March 24, 2012


It's been one of those weeks.  I feel so tired and full of things in my head.

First, my birthday was last Wednesday.  I knew it was going to be a full day and Jonathan asked me if I wanted him to take a day off.  Yes, yes, please take the day off.   It was the first day of co-op and the first knitting class I was teaching.  Twelve kids waiting for me to teach them how to knit.  The enormity of it made me nervous.  Amelia told me over and over that I knew enough to teach these kids the basics of knitting but I thought about someone asking me some tough question about yarn and my knees started shaking.

It all went very well thankfully.  And the the kids got to see friends and I got to see friends.

When I got home from soccer practice that evening, they had made me lentil soup for dinner and cheesecake.  As birthdays go, it was perfect.

Then they pulled out this!

Life is good.  I never thought I would have one of these and I love it.  I've balled up all of my yarn in the stash and it looks so pretty and I feel inspired.

The next day I went to lunch with my mom and aunt and right when we were paying, Eli hit his lip on the back of a chair and split his lip up.  You know the first thing that came to my mind was, I just really didn't want to do this today.  I really wanted to rewind time just a few minutes and start fresh.

We spent the next 3 hours at the hospital waiting for the doctor to see us.  Eli asked a lot of questions while we were waiting of course.  He wanted to know what all the monitors were for and what the signs said.  "That one says no cell phones or food in the room".  Thank goodness I brought my knitting.  I asked Eli, "Can I do a row or two while we wait?"

"Sure, mom, there's not a 'no knitting' sign in here."  I love little kid humor.

After much foot rubbing and convincing Eli that if he didn't jump around while the doctor was stitching him up, it would be over much (much) quicker.  I even resorted to bribing with Legos.  Finally it was over and I was really exhausted.

But, that was so yesterday.  Moving on.

I'm going to clean up the flower bed in the front yard today.  I'm planning on putting in a bunch of herbs.

Then, I'm going to take a nap.


  1. happy, happy (belated) birthday. and yay for March babies (me too!).

  2. Happy Birthday , wishing you all the best!!!
    I hope Eli is feeling better today,
    best wishes,


  3. Ouch! Poor Eli. Wish I could give you a birthday hug, so gather all your children and, on the count of three, ask them all to give you a big squeeze from me.

  4. cute boys. i feel like i know that feeling, that one of saying to myself, i did not want to do this, and if i'd just listened to myself, this crap wouldn't have happened. live and learn about our intuition, and learning to do what we truly want, especially on OUR birthday!!! but i get it. i really do.

    i'd like to see where there is a sign that says 'no knitting aloud'. ha.

  5. oh. i like your swift!!!!! and your sweet guy who took a day off work. that is very cool. i might ask for that next year, the guy to take a freaking day off! and a swifter too, to boot! i wish i had more knitting friends in this town. cuz then we could share one. noone knits around here, at least noone i know!