Sunday, March 18, 2012


 I got this yarn about two years ago when a friend and I were starting sweaters.  She moved shortly thereafter and I ended up frogging the whole thing because my gauge was way off.  This poor yarn has been just sitting around for a while.

I got a different pattern on Ravelry for a sweater, this time it's a top down raglan.

I started it two times, the second time I got in about 40 rows and saw this huge gaping hole where I dropped a stitch.  Ugg.  I tried to fix it but I guess I needed some help and in my frustration, I frogged it all again. 

I'm in about 20 rows in now.  It's looking pretty good and I'm kind of glad I started again because this time I really have the cables down.  Now, I just need to keep going and finish this!  I'm determined.  And I decided if I make a mistake, I'm either going to just leave it if it's a small mess up or get help from a friend before I pull it all out again!


  1. this reminds me all too much of a frogged shalom cardigan of mine- 3 skeins of frogging later (and hours and hours and hours of stitches), i'm back at it again. with a few mistakes that i've convinced myself to think of as character :) here's to our sweaters turning into finished masterpieces!

  2. It's a pretty pattern, Kyndale. Good luck giving it a second go!

  3. love it! i just favorited that pattern on ravelry. starting over is part of the process huh? many times it is. i wish it was more fun. and fixing mistakes too! i had to ask for help a few times on those last sweaters i knit.

  4. Happy happy belated birthday! Oh! What days...good and bad in them! So exciting your new project!