Wednesday, February 15, 2012

lovin' the snow

It's what everyone talks about around here. This winter has been so dry that all I dream about is waking to a bunch of snow. Well, this morning we woke to 3 inches of fluffy white. I was pretty stoked about it. Of course, Wednesdays are the busiest day of the week. So, when the kids got out of bed, they suited up and headed out into the backyard for a few runs before we had to rush out the door.  We are lucky enough to have a small hill for sledding. Just big enough for small thrills.

Now, I'm just praying that we get a bunch more snow before spring.


  1. I wish we had a backyard with snow everywhere! what a dream!!!
    Your kids are so happy, it made me smile!!

  2. Thank you Mina! *hugs* I'd love to visit you down south!