Monday, November 14, 2011

sneaking in some sunshine

We snuck a bit of sunshine this weekend.  It's always hard getting out the door, making sure we have a snack, water, jackets and shoes for everyone.  We don't wear shoes in the house and it's the one question I always ask when we're driving away down the street, "You all have shoes right?"

This place we go to is all the way across town but the Aspens are gorgeous.  We didn't quite make it while the trees were in full autumn glory but there were a few orange and yellow leaves on the ground that Solomon collected and gently stuffed in his pockets.

We like to go here at different times of year to witness the changes.  The first thing the kids noticed was the ice that has accumulated in the creek.  It was actually a nice day and we had to peal of the layers as we hiked up the mountain.

I'd have to say that the best thing about having older kids is that when we go hiking we don't have to worry about sticking together in a tight bunch.  We go in all directions, exploring where we want.  I can stay behind and take pictures while Jonathan moves up ahead with someone.  We can even trust Eli to go ahead or fall behind.  It's so nice to be able to do that.

The kids always can find a patch of rose hips to nibble on.  These were especially sweet.

It was so nice to get outside together this weekend and steal a bit of sunshine before the cold really sets in.  I hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. love those rosehips! I always pick them when i am in Alaska visiting old stomping grounds and family.... I've been picking them as long as I can remember.

  2. Isn't it so much fun?! I love picking rose hips too! ♥