Friday, November 11, 2011

following my heart

Our homeschooling days are always a work in progress.  We're human and we're always changing and learning something new about ourselves.   We recently made a change and I instantly felt the relief.  It's funny how I can get so hell bent on one idea.  Then my heart/head shifts and I can see how sticking it out until the end, just to finish something, isn't always the best thing.  I have this idea in my head sometimes that if I quit something then I'm a quitter.  Well, maybe I am but sometimes quitting is a good thing. 

This new change has made it possible for us to enjoy our days, find our creativity again and relax a bit into a happy learning environment.

Solomon can sit on the couch and listen to books on CD.  Amelia and I can make apple butter on a weekday. And then there are Legos all day long sometimes.

Happy Friday!

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