Friday, July 15, 2011

gosh i love

Fridays.  I really love Fridays.  Even though I don't have a "regular" job, I look forward to spending a few days with my husband.

Gosh, I love sleeping children.

Cuz, I know that as soon as this little one wakes up, the chaos starts.  But, you know I love it anyway.

I love hiking with my kids, getting them tired out and watching them discover nature.  Today, as Eli was racing through the sagebrush he sang, "Nature is good, nature is good!"

Nature is good.  Yes, I do agree.  Puffy white summer clouds and their reflection in the water.  Large pelicans circling overhead.  Our dog in a frenzy, chasing frogs through the cattails.  A single deer creeping past us quietly and the long stare between us before it bounds away.

I also like the first harvests out of our garden.  A single tomato then bowls and bowls of sweet peas that are doing excellent this summer.

And for sure I love summer salads.  This one I found in order to burn up all the snap peas.  It's really good.

Happy Weekend to you!

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