Thursday, February 24, 2011

love, february

I love 4H.

(Amelia in the car, leaving early in the morning for the cavy show)

A few weeks ago we went to the local 4H small animal show where the kids show their guinea pigs (a.k.a. cavies), rabbits and chickens.

(We love to see all the other animals at the show, especially the poultry)

Amelia has had guinea pigs for 6 years and she's loved every minute of it. She loves her animals and takes good care of them. We actually have to wash and blow-dry our pigs before every show. She knows more about guinea pigs than anyone would care to know. She's bred her pigs several times and been witness to their births. It's been such a great experience for her. For all of us.

(Aren't these rabbits cool? I love looking at all the different kinds of rabbits)

But, all good things come to an end eventually. Ever since we've welcomed a dog into the family, our attention has moved away from our pigs to our dog. It's hard not to since our dog is so much more enjoyable. Our puppy has made his way deeply into our hearts. Along the way, I've pushed Amelia to make the hard decision to move away from cavy 4H to dog 4H. That was my plan all along. You know how us moms are! After all, cleaning guinea pig cages every week for 6 years wears on a mom.

(The rabbits at the show table waiting to be judged)

We finally made it to our first dog 4H meeting last Monday and it was so much fun! Not only do the kids run the meeting, taking turns each month doing a presentation but, two of Amelia's old friends from 4H are in this club. After learning about the anatomy of the dog's nose and learning about their sense of smell ( complete with play dough to make a 3D model), the kids spent the next hour with their dogs training them.

(Amelia awaiting her turn for showmanship)

(Amelia doing showmanship)

Tomorrow, if all goes well, we are handing off our last two piggies to a homeschooling mama that lives is Winnemucca. She has two young girls who would like to get into 4H. I want very much for our pigs to be loved, something that they've been lacking since our dog came along. They deserve it.

(Eli talking to his friend about rabbits)

I've been so thankful for everything the keeping of cavies has taught our family. It's been a great ride. But, I think what's coming next will be just as amazing. I can't wait.


  1. this is very cool Kyndale but what struck me was Winnemucca. Isn't that a town that Johnny Cash lists in his song "I've been everywhere"?

  2. Oooo, I wonder if we have a dog 4H around us. Kayla loves "training" our dog (a collie) and loves animals. I bet she would love to get involved with something like that. I'll have to check into it. I totally could see tiring of guinea pig cage cleaning. I hope your snow storm peacefully moves on through your parts. Enjoy your weekend!


  3. The gardening freak in me couldn't help but think....guinea pig cage cleanings = awesome compost.

  4. Fun to hear about 4-H. I've always been fascinated. That first shot is amazing. She is gorgeous!
    Thanks for playing along with I love!

  5. what are cavies? did i miss something? ok. now this is really really inspiring. my kids are so into animals. tonight, after max's reading lesson, the girls would not stop loving on the teacher's dogs. they are really into animals. zhi especially. and i've been a little sad lately because she can't love on the hens so much now that we have a mean rooster. he's not mean really, but he's pecked the kids and they are now timid. of course. but, someday , soon?, we will have a dog. oh i cannot wait. 4 h is so beautiful. there was this 4h facility , probably still is, in arkansas that was right near my grandma's lake house that we used to love visiting when we went back to see my dad as he was dying. they had a camel and sheep and goats and chickens and rabbits. and more. it was so cool. are you thinking of starting bee gaurdianshipping yet? i am trying to figure it out. found a simpler class than the first one i looked at that feels more up my alley. way way cheaper too. and with the handful of friends i have who have hives, i feel like this is the way to go. love lovelovelovelove.