Tuesday, July 24, 2012

full on summer

At the beginning of summer my always organized friend Mary sent me a list of her weekly family rhythm and I decided to sketch one out for my family.  At first it looked really full with all kinds of things filling our days.  But, I knew I had to just wait it out and see how it all fell into place loosely.  Monday is our tennis lesson, Tuesday is the farmer's market, Wednesday is lake day/fun day, Thursday we walk to the library and Friday is another fun/free day.  It feels really good to have some kind of structure in our week. 

There are lots of in between time to just do nothing, maybe time for taking a nap or reading a book.  I'm all for doing nothing or just watching the grass grow or robin fledglings in our yard while sitting in the hammock.  I'm taking lots of deep breaths this summer, just slowing down a little.  Even with all this slowing down though, I still go to sleep at night thinking about how full our day was!

I've also been juicing at least 4 mornings a week.  I feel so good.  It's a great way to use up the greens from the garden.  I've been adding celery, carrots, apples, beets, cucumbers, lemons, ginger and sunchokes.  I've also been starting my day with a headstand to get all that good blood to my brain and short meditation to start my day out right.

 I've been watering my garden, pulling weeds and watching everything grow like a proud mama.  It's a never ending job, that garden.  It's so worth it though. 

I picked our apricots and Jonathan made the most scrumptious apricot bars that disappeared in day.  I was watching the fruit ripen and I really wanted to keep them on the tree as long as possible. There are a few slightly green ones in there.  But, it's a tricky thing.  If I waited too long they would all fall off or be eaten by the birds.  I think I picked them at the perfect time.

I got a flat of unsprayed peaches at the farmer's market and again made peach lavender preserves.  I've been canning a lot.  Last week I made a summer squash relish...Wow!  It was so good!  Today I got a flat of strawberries and made some jam.  I added a basket of blackberries!  Oh my gosh, the color of this jam is so beautiful!  Well, I guess you can't really see it here but you'll have to trust me on that one!  It's so surprising that a flat of strawberries can go so fast.  There are lots of little hands that sneak a pint or two before I can get to my jam. 

My chickens are outside now and they're loving it.  They've grown so much as you can see.

And a few weeks earlier....They really don't like getting their picture taken.  They think when I get close to them I'm trying to catch them and they're really not into that!

I could go on but I think it's time to go to bed.

I hope you're having a fun summer!!!


  1. You've been so productive! I'm impressed. I think rhythms are important, but I'm not very good at keeping them. I'll keep trying, though. BTW, love the chicken butts at the top of the blog!

    1. Not really....I've felt like I've done a lot of canning. When I go to the farmer's market I can't help getting a bunch of fruit and then I get home and have to get to business! I totally love those chicken butts too! :)

  2. Your summer seems to be rounding out quite nicely. I'm jealous of all that yummy fruit and preserving.

    1. All this canning is totally out of necessity. Otherwise it goes to waste. I got all the squash from a farmer who was going to just composting it. It was perfect squash. They just didn't sell it that day. I had to get inspired and do something with it!

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    I love all your fruits pictures, they all look so yummy!!!

  4. What delicious looking produce! :)

    We love juicing in the mornings too, it makes us feel so good and is a great way to start the day.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

    Have a wonderful day.

    Love, Taryn

    1. Juicing is so amazing! I feel alive when I juice in the morning.

      Thank you for coming by to say hello! I love your blog and your beautiful family!

      Love, Kyndale