Saturday, May 12, 2012

a day of learning at the river

This river is the heart of my town and I think that is why we like to go there.  The other day when we decided to get out of the house, this particular place is where they wanted to go.  "You know mom, the place by the river with the bridge?"  The spring and fall are the perfect time of year to try all the places close to home because it's not so hot outside.  Although it was pretty hot there that day, we hustled to the water where all the shade was.

I think best parts of homeschooling is the freedom we have.  We're not restricted to our home and we can get out in nature any time we need a change of scenery.  The kids are just so happy to be out and about on an adventure and we don't know exactly what we'll be learning but moments always present themselves.  Like for instance, we found this garter snake by the water.  It didn't move away, I think because it must have just eaten something.  We just watched each other for several minutes before it got scared and moved on.  We came home and identified it and learned about what it eats and it's habitat.

Another topic that came up during our walk was the seasons.  Being outdoors gives my kids all kinds of opportunities to ask questions.  We've been to this particular place in the winter when the river is frozen over and we've come here in the fall when the leaves are turning a rainbow of colors.

My boys, I love them so much (and my girl too).  This picture I took of Eli to show how he dresses himself.  Not really how he dresses but how proud I am of him for his independence. His shirt is inside out and his pants are backward but he couldn't care less. And really, I couldn't either.  I'm not one of those fussy moms who has to have my kids looking perfect all the time.  I'm lucky most days if I can get them dressed before breakfast.  And some days I just aim for lunch.  Another benefit of homeschooling is that we don't have to rush out the door in the morning.  The earliest we have commitments is about 10am and that's just fine with me.

Do you love clouds?  I love clouds. Once, when my son was getting treatments with an osteopathic doctor, she was helping him with strategies to deal with stress.  Having a learning delay can be very stressful and while I was talking with her after the appointment, she told me a strategy she told him to let go of stress.  She said that whenever he felt overwhelmed to take a deep breath and blow his worries to the clouds.  "They will take all of your fears and anxiety," she told him.  I thought about that when I saw these clouds.

We are savoring these last weeks of spring, enjoying the birth of our vegetable garden and looking forward to summer when we will have to head up to the mountains to escape the heat. I'm exhaling big time right now.  Life is good.


  1. Is this east or west? I thought it was by Patagonia, but It looks different.. I saw your post and remembered I meant to invite you to our school's (Heart to Hand Waldorf Initiative) May Faire! Well , thought to invite you last year when I had just found your blog, so maybe third year is a charm! Happy Spring!

    1. Oh, thank you. Every year I have it on my calendar and I never make it. But, I'm going to really try this year. The first year we moved back to Nevada we went to the May Faire when it was somewhere on the Truckee in a park. This particular park is east of Patagonia. Here's a link:

      Thank you for saying hello and inviting me to the faire! :)

    2. Darn, I saw that the faire was yesterday. Next year for sure!! Was it fun?

  2. Kyndale-
    these are wonderful pictures! I so love your words about homeschooling, I share your thoughts on flexibility, getting dressed, oh, sometime in the day will do - maybe! Shirts on inside out and pants backwards made me giggle as I have a boy who dresses himself the same and I don't fuss it much! It's just adorable and helpful that they do get something on that body for the adventure ahead.
    All the best,

  3. It was wonderful! Yes, next year.