Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finding the perfect tree

Finding a perfect tree in the forest is kind of like having a favorite child.  Well, not really but the trees are all perfect in my eyes.  Eventually, however, we'll have to pick one to cut down.  It's a family effort and decision.  It has to be big enough but not too big.  It can't have huge bare spots.  After a nice hike we found the one the right one and got straight to work.  It was very cold after all.  "Let's get this thing and get out of here!"

It was a beautiful day to get our Christmas tree.  Not like last year.  Goodness, we had to scrap those plans altogether and get our tree from a tree lot.  I was alright with it but the kids love our tradition of cutting down our own.

We all took turns using the saw.  Slow going that tree sawing with our ancient saw.  I said we should have gotten a new one a few years ago and then forgot until the next year and so on.  I swear we're getting a new one next year!

This tree, we estimated from the rings, grew 23 years for us.  The tree right next to it will have more sun.  We make it a point to be very thoughtful when picking our tree.  After all, the way I see it, the tree has given it's life for our pleasure and we should respect it.

Then there's the family photo I try and get.  This time the dog won't cooperate.  He was pretty jazzed about being in the forest.  We didn't see a soul out there.

As tradition goes, we head back to the car and drink our hot cocoa or hot chai with honey and milk if you don't have hot cocoa.  Then we head home and mama puts the lights on.

This is the start of Christmas for us!


  1. Awesome! Looks so fun! One of my favorite memories was romping through the woods in No. Minnesota looking for a tree!

  2. This post literally brought tears to my eyes. My family did the same thing when I was young. I talked about it on my blog just a post of 2 ago. Such wonderful memories for me as a kid:)) Enough about me:) Your photos are gorgeous and it looks like you made a great memory with your sweet family! ~ Barefoot Mama

  3. Here's to tradition! This year's tree came from our backyard. It was growing beneath the apple tree's canopy and needed to be cut down, so we'd thought we'd use it for our Christmas tree and save a bit of money. Turns out it's thorny, has a number of brown needles and doesn't smell like a proper Christmas tree, which means it will probably make family history!

  4. Sarah Jane, it's so much fun. I hope the kids remember it when they're older. I think they will!

    Thanks Barefoot Mama!

    Rachael, that's so funny! I know that apple tree is lovin' it now! ♥

  5. It´s an amazing memorable moment, isn´t it? I can´t imagine doing this here in Brazil, we do not have this beautiful tradition ( I wish we had...) . Plus, the snow and your kids participating in everything , the respect for the tree, you are a special mama!
    Happy Holidays!!

  6. hey...we cut ours down sunday. and we used my mom's ancient saw. took forever. then we came home and had to cut it a bit more, and used our newer one. it cut through that trunk like butter. we forgot to count the rings. thanks for reminding me! we will be doing that now! how did i forget that? this is why i love having blogging friends. we guys remind me of so much. you're like my safety net. thanks so much. your family looks so sweet in these photos. i love zephyr.

  7. Such beautiful memory making. I have loved the moment of picking out our tree, especially living in the Colorado mountain area where it feels more natural. I hope that it is something that the kids remember fondly.

  8. Sweet post. Boy, what a treat to walk out in the Snow and get your tree.
    We sure don't have that in Southern Cal.

  9. Mina, reading all these comments, I realize how lucky we are to be able to just drive an hour and be able to cut down our tree. Do you have a Christmas tree?

    Sweet Heather, I so need to get a new saw! I love my Zephyr too. He's so happy to just be alive. We give him lots of kisses all day long! :) Love..

    Heather F, I think my kids will remember this forever. I remember when I was a kid going out around here and harvesting pine nuts. I want to do that with the kids sometime.

    Cory, We listened to your CD last night. We were all sitting around sewing and playing Legos. It felt so mellow listening to your music. xo

  10. Do I have to admit we went to the store and took about 10 minutes to pick and buy one with no ceremony or beauty to the process? We did that last year, too, and they are the prettiest trees we have ever had. Sigh... I will get dreamy over your beautiful photos!