Saturday, September 10, 2011

just go with it

I've come off a busy week with homeschooling.  Looking forward to some girl time with my daughter.  Soccer games, watching movies, eating pizza. 

Every time the boys go away and I have these grand plans of cleaning up stinky socks found in odd corners of my house or getting the kitchen clean, absolutely clean for a whole day,  I'm pulled in another direction.   But whatever happens,  I'm going with the flow.

I get a phone call from my husband (right?!).  Solomon was stung by a yellow jacket today while camping.  I'm going with the flow. Epi pen jabbed into his thigh, emergency room visit.  I trust that my husband can handle it.  I have complete faith in him.

Because I have a soccer game to go to.  And our coach is asking for a parent to assistant ref the game and I'm one of two that have taken a ref class. The other mom isn't there.  I'm nervous.  I go with the flow.  Enjoy myself.  Feel good.  Run up the sidelines and sweat buckets.  Don't think about what I'm doing too much.  Just try and do my best.  It feels good to run.  I'm sure Solomon is just fine.

It's a good day.  Solomon is fine.  It's all fine.

I come home and meditate on the lawn.  I wish I didn't have a lawn.  I've read that we have to tend to our lawns so intensely because they just want to grow up.  They want to become adults.  They want to evolve.  I want my lawn to evolve.  I feel sorry for my lawn.  I cut it back and I repress it.   That's what we're all fighting against.  We want to be free.  I hope someday I can let my lawn be free.  Then, I'll be free too.

Thanks for putting up with the poor grammar and random thoughts today.

I just needed to be free.


  1. I wish I could Sarah Jane. I let it free as much as I can without getting stupid letters from our homeowner's association. It actually looks a lot like a hairy, unruly armpit most days. :) I'd like to move to a place where we can have a little space but it won't happen right now. :)

  2. We have a massive lawn. My honey is very 1950s in that he LOVES a good lawn. I've felt many differnt ways about my lawn over the last 6 years, but I've come to accept it as just one of those compromises we make in relationships.

    I love this post, letting it go, taking things in stride - good for you, mama!

  3. yo are so beautiful. this gave me chills, and softened my heart. i love how you love and consider. you consider your lawn. i would too. people here garden their whole lawns. well, some of them. you can do whatever you want. xeriscape is cool. poor soloman. good daddy. good for you for trusting like that, and tapping into your intuition and just knowing he was fine and his dad could handle it. that was some beautiful stuff that inspired me greatly.

    i just want to be free and wild too. we are. we only need to allow it. throw out the mower. or whatever.

  4. Beautiful beautiful post, Kyndale. I hear you! Would your HOA scream at you if you replaced the lawn with native, drought tolerant plants?

  5. Kyndal, sounds like a day in the life of a busy and dedicated mama if you ask me. Love the thoughts on the lawn, ha, we just have sand!

  6. I love that you tagged this poor grammar! Glad to be catching up with you friend!

  7. I am so glad Solomon is fine. Phew. I wanna be free too. Where the heck can we go to be free. If you figure it out please let me know...we'll go together, deal?


  8. funny. having to ref a game is a fear of mine.