Saturday, August 13, 2011

i am grateful

We hopped in the car and headed up the mountain.  This was the conversation.....

Solomon:  Mom, I think I'm coughing up blood.

Me:  Seriously?!  Have you been picking your nose?

Solomon:  Umm...

Me: (Amelia and I glancing at each other in amusement)  Well, I'm glad you aren't dying!

Eli: Mom?

Me:  Yes, sweet love.

Eli:  My lips are cemented shut.

Me:  Well, I think they're better now?

Me, Amelia, Solomon and Eli:  (laughter) 

I am grateful for teetering rocks.

I am grateful for this monolithic hunk of earth and tender new growth.

I am grateful for wildflowers.

taken by Solomon

I am grateful for ginormous tree mushrooms.

I am grateful for laughter and my kids are definitely grateful for crepes with Nutella.

I am grateful for stinky, dirty little boy feet.

I am grateful for my daughter who tells me that I'm beautiful.
I am grateful for so many things.  Too many to count.

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